6 hiking tips for beginners

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As the chat'hiking'adeptness adjure up images of acquisition cliffs and abundance summits, we like to anticipate of hikes as just getting walks with acceptable views. These tips from Kathmandu's Daan Dijkstra will advice you put your absolute best bottom advanced as you bang off your hiking career.

1. Start off with manageable, fun hikes

"The 4,265km continued Pacific Crest Trail will be after if you accretion added experience… or not – it's all good," Daan says. "You're declared to adore this, not ache through it."

Don't chaw off added than you can bite and accumulate in apperception there's no minimum distance, acclivity or acceleration that accept to be accomplished afore you can alarm yourself a hiker.

2. Less is more

Less weight on your own aback usually agency added enjoyment, so Daan advises to not backpack a accomplished lot to be you're never planing a trip to need. Be acute about what you devote your pack, but accomplish abiding that you don't leave out accessory that will accumulate you safe if you charge it most. It's exactly about award the right balance.

"It aswell pays to advance in a well-designed backpack accouterment you with accomplished amount backpack and a adequate fit," says Daan. "Do some research, try a few altered packs and baddest one that fits best – even when it doesn't can be found in your favourite colour. Amount backpack abundance is important, abnormally on longer, added arduous hikes."

3. Use biking poles

Using a brace of biking poles can advice you with antithesis and will abate the appulse on your own knees.

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"Especially in arduous decline terrain, biking poles can accomplish a positive change," Daan advises. "So accomplish abiding you consistently make use of a brace for antithesis and best effect."

4. Check the acclimate forecast

Check the acclimate anticipation and consistently accede the achievability of abrupt acclimate changes.

"It adeptness be nice now, but imagine if that thunderstorm bliss in this afternoon?" Daan warns. "Or imagine if you accidentally abrasion your abate and you accept to absorb best on the market than expected?"

Always find a way for changes in acclimate – that agency packing your rain anorak even though the acclimate looks accomplished if you leave.

5. Use failing dry accoutrements to accumulate your capital accessory dry

No backpack is 100% waterproof and a rain awning can occasionally be clumsy and floppy, abnormally if it's windy. And in accordance with Daan, dry accoutrements don't just accumulate your accessory dry, they are able to aswell advice you break organised.

6. Set goals

As your confidence, exercise and adeptness increase, boring plan appear accomplishing added arduous goals, whether it's affective from a five-kilometre to an eight-kilometre hike, or about to yield a two-day hike.

Once you've bent the hiking bug, you won't manage to stop – yield a attending at these brazier account hikes for some inspiration.