Annnnnd Thomas Markle Just Compared the Royal Family to "Cult-Like" Scientologists

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Oh, you anticipation you have access to through a week-end following Thomas Markle offering yet supplement consideration to the columnist about The Aristocratic Family? Well you anticipation inappropriate, friend. The contradictory dad of Duchess Meghan has allegedly reported to British abridged The Sun (he aswell appears to simply accept done an image shoot, which...sure), and is authoritative some definitely capricious states about the aristocratic family.

"They are often like Scientologists or the Stepford family. When they apprehend anyone state annihilation they just secure the doors. They charge to allege up!" he allegedly said. "They are cult-like—like Scientology—as they are secretive. They abutting the entranceway, cull the colors down and put their fingers within their aerial so they don't accept to hear."

Thomas aswell claimed "Maybe they accept a abstruse handshake too! You can't question a catechism of them—while they will not answer."

Obviously, he is included than a small affronted that he's been closed out of Meghan's life, but since she isn't conversing with him since he's conversing with the push, it feels as though there could be a easy band-aid to the problem....