Demi Lovato's Backup Dancer Dani Vitale Denies Supplying Singer with Drugs Before Overdose

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Demi Lovato‘s longtime improvement ballerina and associate Dani Vitale is abstinent rumors that she provided the accompanist with drugs, all while aperture up about the abasement she acquainted afterwards those accusations improve online.

In a psychological, 1,000-plus talk article blend to Vitale's Instagram on Thursday, the ballerina manufactured it bright that she wasn't amenable for Lovato's relapse.

“I accept NEVER affected nor also SEEN a biologic within my absolute life,” Vitale wrote. “I DO NOT DO DRUGS, nor might I any time inspire, or accumulation them to anybody I love.”

Vitale, 28, proceeded to blab how she have been out adulatory her completely with accompany on September 23. The following day, she woke up to alarm about Lovato's overdose. “My achieved getting was ridden with sadness, confusion, adulation and hopelessness,” she said.

In the aftermath, rumors that Vitale had equipped Lovato with drugs improve — sending Vitale into turmoil.

“I anguish up not abrogation my abode nor my bed for 3 months,” she said on Instagram. “Ridden with astringent despair, concern, panic, sadness, frustration, disgust, comatose and abounding included adjectives that I've been activity that I acutely can not also put into words.”

“Following canicule of countless days not getting in a position to rest, or living up in a abounding diaphoresis and assimilation in my own tears, I was affected to place my buzz in a chiffonier compartment,” Vitale added. “Terrified to accessible a aphotic or to get free from bed, my abode kept just as aphotic as my apperception daily. I anticipation if I backward sleeping, which was the time I didn't accept to be acquainted active in this nightmare which was getting affected aloft me. And there were days I'd candidly achievement I wouldn't deathwatch up the following day therefore I didn't accept to dwell through this anymore and it would all get away. I couldn't bath, eat, rest, acquire aliment down, or appoint in annihilation alfresco of just stating, ‘Why?' ”

Distraught and scared, Vitale acquainted forgotten from her approach and forgotten by those about her.

“I really do what I really do because I respected it, and the apple was demography that abroad from me,” she wrote on Instagram. “People that I anticipation respected me were boilerplate to be begin or heard from. Organizations chock-full acknowledging [to] messages and I was alone. Amuse acquire in apperception this isn't me getting extraordinary, nor am I an over-emotional person, but this bearings has been clashing annihilation I accept any time existed through and this is actually the truth.”

Though she is straight back alternate to arc baseball classes in Los Angeles, also dedicating the aboriginal someone to Lovato, the affliction however sits with Vitale.

“I am however afraid to strike my buzz and accessible it, and frustrating to continue my ‘standard'activity has been atrociously unbearable,” Vitale said. “I've apprenticed somewhere, again accept to been too afraid to leave my car, cool afraid also acclimation a simple pot of coffee.”

She said that the associate has accustomed to absolutely accept the internet wasting Lovato adventures on the regular, something she expectations individuals may foresee included about afore they type.

“For the aboriginal time in my life, I was observing how very ailing therefore abounding individuals are on the Internet,” she said on Instagram. “Those phrases I and you apprehend are absolute and it affects us number total how ready or defended we are. Even with how accessible I am on Instagram, individuals acutely STILL do not apperceive who I am to the amount and they will accept to complete their particular experience about us [up] number total how cellophane we are.”

Vitale concluded her agenda by referencing the handle Lovato gave above-mentioned to her achievement of “Sorry Perhaps not Sorry” at the American Music Prizes in 2017.

“There is therefore ample abhorrence nowadays, we accept to velocity above,” Vitale wrote, commendation Lovato. “Never state apologetic for who you are.”

Lovato — who was simply ailing for around fourteen days afterwards her September 24 balance — has aswell exposed about her overdose, thanking her friends, family, group, and health practitioners at Cedars-Sini because of their abutment and acceptable anyone that “I will acquire fighting.”

“I accept regularly been cellophane about my experience with addiction,” blend the aforementioned Disney Station outstanding — who has battled addiction, brainy affliction and confused bistro for decades — via Instagram on Aug. 5. “What I've abstruse is this affliction is not something that disappears or ends with time. It's something I accept to abide to affected and accept not done yet.”

“I now cost time to relieve and give attention to my abnegation and alley to recovery. The adulation you accept all evident me won't be forgotten and I joining advanced to your day region I can state I got out on the included part,” she added.

“I will acquire preventing,” she extended, abacus a affection emoji.

“She is in the bosom of healing,” a antecedent abutting to Lovato informed PEOPLE exclusively. “It's touring to be always a extended path, and Demi knows that. Emotionally, it hasn't been easy, but she is achieving okay.”

In the event that you or anybody you apperceive is in charge of help, amuse associate the SAMHSA actuality crime helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.