Kylie Jenner Shed Some Light on Her and Travis Scott's Current Living Situation

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It appears as though we apperceive about just about Kylie Jenner's life. We apperceive she and Travis Scott aboriginal met at Coachella endure year, we apperceive she attenuated her lip fillers, and we apperceive she has got the cutest babyish babe ever. Some humans even knew she was abundant afore she ~officially~ appear it. Kylie's appealing abundant an accessible book because she posts so abundant on amusing media, but the lots of ambagious affair to humans is apparently her accepted active bearings with Stormi's dad. In her awning adventure for Vogue Australia, Kylie fabricated abiding to afford some ablaze on it.

Kylie's sister Kendall Jenner was usually the one allurement her all of the questions and if Kendall asked her if there's annihilation abroad Kylie capital to allocution about, Kylie said she capital to yield some time and energy to allocution about her sleeping arrangements.

She clarified:

"I'm actually scrolling through Instagram appropriate now, and it says that me and Travis don't reside together, and so I just wish to state that individuals never absence an evening with anniversary other, we go aback and alternating from my Calabasas abode and the city-limits home that individuals actually got together. So just if you capital to include that in."

Cool, cool. Thanks for abacus that in, Kenny.

Yesterday, Kylie acquaint on Instagram that she and Stormi are accessible for Travis'recently-announced Astroworld Tour, which, should they accumulate up with this never-miss-a-night arrangement, you are able to apprehend to see Kylie at every concert. Fun!

In the interview, Kylie aswell discussed how accepting a babyish helped her apprehend she loves her ears. She said:

"I feel like accepting a child, and cerebration about adorableness as time goes by, has absolutely afflicted me, and I feel want it has fabricated me adulation myself added and acquire aggregate about me. Even my ears, I consistently acquainted like they ashore out past an acceptable limit, and she [Stormi] has these aerial as me and so now I adulation my ears. It's only accepting a altered angle on activity so I will canyon that onto her."