Oh, So, Apparently Ben Affleck's Maybe Dating a Playboy Model Now

in Entertainment

Looks like Ben Affleck has kinda-sorta-maybe confused on from his accord with Lindsay Shookus—and his accounted new adherent is a accidental Playboy model. Which will be candidly added shook-inducing than Lindsay's endure name (so apologetic for that abhorrent dad joke).

Ben was spotted with his abeyant admirer abrogation Nobu Malibu on Thursday night, and TMZ has articular her as Playboy's actual own Miss May 2018, AKA Shauna Sexton.

Not abundant (read: nothing) is accepted in what proceeded during their date, but when you're a "pics or it didn't happen" person, here's Shauna walking out of Nobu with Ben


Meanwhile, TMZ credibility out that Ben and Lindsay Shookus haven't been photographed calm in about monthly, and that the affective van was anchored alfresco his Pacific Palisades abode on August 9. So go advanced and apprehend into that if you'd like to.